Pharmacokinetic Testing Services​

Our Pharmacokinetic Testing

  • Drug level quantification
  • Drug activity testing
  • Drug efficacy testing

How the body reacts to drug treatments

Pharmacokinetic testing is an essential part of drug development. It involves the study of how drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolised, and excreted by the body, and how they interact with various biological systems. This testing helps researchers to understand how drugs will behave in the human body and to determine the optimal dosage and administration schedule for a drug.

From preclinical studies to clinical trials

Krems Bioanalytics can support your pharmacokinetic studies at various stages, from preclinical studies through to clinical trials. In preclinical studies, pharmacokinetic testing is used to identify the most promising drug candidates and to optimise their properties. In clinical trials, pharmacokinetic testing is used to assess the safety and efficacy of a drug, to determine the appropriate dosage for different patient populations, and to evaluate drug interactions with other medications. Pharmacokinetic testing is a critical aspect of drug development that helps ensure the safety and efficacy of new medications. However, there are potential analytical issues that can arise during pharmacokinetic testing which can affect the accuracy and reliability of the data generated. At Krems Bioanalytics, as well as offering various types of pharmacokinetic testing, including drug level quantification, drug activity testing, and drug efficacy testing, our experienced scientists also work closely with you to identify potential analytical issues and support you in your decision making regarding the appropriate analytical methods based on the drug in question and the biological matrix being analysed.

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