Biopotency Assays​

Our Biopotency assay development

  • In-depth evaluation of Mode of Action
  • Identification of suitable in vitro models
  • Feasibility testing applying different technologies

Validating therapeutic effect by mimicking the conditions in the body

Biopotency assays play a vital role in ensuring the quality and efficacy of drug products before they are released to the market. The primary objective of a biopotency assay is to assess the drug’s ability to produce the desired therapeutic effect.

Unlike other analytical tests that focus on chemical composition or physical characteristics, biopotency assays involve complex, cellular in vitro models that closely mimic the physiological conditions in the human body. This enables a more comprehensive evaluation of a drug’s biological activity and its potential impact on the intended target.

Facilitating lot release decisions

Our team of experienced scientists specialises in developing complex, cellular in vitro assays that meet regulatory requirements and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. We understand the importance of reliable and reproducible results in lot release decisions, and our assays are designed to provide accurate and consistent data.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and how our biopotency assay development services can support your pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control processes. With our expertise, we can help you ensure the safety and efficacy of your drug products.

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