Cell Based Assays​

Our cell-based assays

  • Cell Proliferation
  • Apoptosis and Cell Death
  • Reporter Gene Assays
  • Cell Signaling Assays
  • ADCC and CDC Assays
  • Receptor Occupancy (RO) Testing
  • Motility
  • Toxicity

Conducted to the highest standards

Cell-based assays are a critical component of drug discovery and development, providing valuable information about the efficacy, toxicity, and safety of potential therapeutics.

At Krems Bioanalytics, we offer cell-based assays performed under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines – and soon under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines – ensuring the highest standards of accuracy, reproducibility, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Supporting your drug candidate assessment

Our cell-based assays can help you assess the potency and specificity of your drug candidates, evaluate their potential toxicity and side effects, and identify optimal dosing regimens. We provide a wide range of cell-based assays including viability assays, proliferation assays and apoptosis assays.

Contact us today to learn more about how our cell-based assay services can support your programme.

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