About us

Established in 2014, the journey of Krems Bioanalytics exemplifies an unwavering dedication to growth, innovation, and staying at the forefront of bioanalytical research and services in the pharmaceutical field. With a remarkable transformation from a small team of 5 to a workforce of over 40, Krems Bioanalytics has evolved into a comprehensive bioanalytical service provider for the pharmaceutical sector supporting the entire drug development process – from preclinical stages to clinical development and post-market authorization studies. In tandem with these substantial leaps, Krems Bioanalytics has significantly broadened its service repertoire. Initially focused on immunogenicity assessment, Krems Bioanalytics now encompasses a diverse range of analyses. This spans from crucial pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis to complex cell based biopotency assays, a testament to our expanded expertise.

Notably, the addition of cutting-edge mass spectrometry as a new focus point in 2021 signifies the institute’s ongoing innovation. Headed by an esteemed international expert, this development opens avenues for enhanced scientific inquiry, particularly in evaluating clinical effectiveness and adverse effects of biotherapeutics and vaccines.

Our Location

Management Team

Innovation minded - results driven - goal orientated

Our interdisciplinary team has in depth research and development expertise in biopharmaceuticals, analytical method development, routine sample analysis for preclinical and clinical development, good laboratory, manufacturing and clinical practice (GLP, GMP and GCP) as well as quality assurance (QA). Contact us today to discuss how we can support your programme.

Christian Lubich

Head of Institute

PhD in Immunology
>15 yrs experience in pharmaceutical industry

Core competencies
Bioanalytical Assay Development
Cell-based Assays

Andreas Eger

Head Strategic Development

Prof. Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
>30 yrs experience in academia & applied research

Core competencies

Cancer Research
Drug Discovery
Organotypic Disease Modelling

Peter Allacher

Head of Operations

PhD in Immunology,
>20 yrs experience in pharmaceutical industry 

Core competencies
Immunogenicity Assessment
Bioanalytical Assay Development
GLP Expert

Isabella Berger

Head of Regulatory Compliance

PhD in Chemistry
> 15 yrs experience in GxP

Core competencies
Laboratory Quality Management
Regulatory Compliance
Audits, Trainings and Consulting

Barbara Holzer

Head of Development and Validation​

PhD in Genetics/Microbiology
> 15 years experience in method development

Core competencies
Vaccine Development
Bioanalytical Method Development

Franz Herzog

Head Biomedical Mass Spectometry​

PhD in Biochemistry
> 15 yrs experience in mass spectrometry

Core competencies
Mass Spectrometry
Protein Biochemistry
Research Collaborations / Third Party Funding

Quality Management

Our quality management system

  • GLP compliant facilities and systems
  • Documented training of staff
  • Regular internal inspections by quality assurance (QA) experts
  • Use of controlled and traceable materials
  • Validated and robust assays
  • Calibrated and qualified equipment and instrumentation
  • System, equipment, and analytical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • QA audited study plans and final reports
  • Change control procedures

At Krems Bioanalytics, we have established a comprehensive quality management system based on the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) principles. Our GLP system ensures that all preclinical and clinical studies are conducted in compliance with international regulatory standards. This includes the use of state-of-the-art technology and the employment of highly trained and experienced staff.

Our quality management group is closely involved in all aspects of our operations. We consistently receive positive feedback on our laboratory facilities and quality systems from both clients and regulatory authorities, and encourage our partners to visit and inspect them firsthand. 


International mindset and innovative approach

Krems Bioanalytics specialises in medical research and works with partners all over the world. We recognise the vital role that our employees play in achieving our ambitious goals. Our staff work on innovative drug development programmes for international pharmaceutical companies. To ensure that we maintain the highest standards, we continuously invest in staff training and development to keep abreast of the latest technological advances

Achieve your career objectives with us

Our scientific and technical personnel have the opportunity to work on a range of projects that bring fresh challenges and opportunities for growth. Based in a beautiful part of Austria, we are a modern organisation that takes pride in helping to build the careers of its people in an international setting. This is reflected in our competitive remuneration and benefits packages.

We are always keen to hear from highly qualified, dedicated scientists and technicians who share our commitment to providing high-quality bioanalytical services. If you are passionate about making a difference and believe that you would be a good fit for our team, please send us your CV and covering letter specifying the position that you are interested in applying for.